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"No one ever said it was OK until my second wife told me so in my early 40's.


I didn't jack off outdoors so much in those early years. I do it outside now when I can. I have spent solo days on the nude beach in Provincetown, Massachusetts, just enjoying the hard-on I get from being nude and gently holding and stroking myself

My teen years weren't a lot of fun and I don't remember much more than a lot of guilt around what I may get caught doing. The late teens were probably the worst times in my masturbatory career. Still afraid of being caught, the occasions were over quickly in a bathroom or in bed. My memories were not of the lengthy times I enjoyed earlier or that I enjoy now. I guess it is safe to say my teens weren't the best time of my life.

I jerked my cousin off and he reciprocated. We then we decided to give each other a blow job. I did him and he backed out before doing me. While he did not cum in my mouth the fond memory of that experience 45+++ years ago makes me want to suck a man's cock. I remember his pecker growing in size and warmth in my mouth and his excitement as he became more aroused. He pulled out and completed with his hand.


I believe I became a real avid fan quickly. My earliest memories are of the wonderful feeling of just stroking myself and cumming.. I remember when I was in junior high school trying to enhance and prolong those experiences through fantasy, play acting and working on techniques to stretch out those intensely, wonderfully fulfilling and satisfying feelings that seemed to center on my pecker and ultimately flow from my inner body out through the cock. I can right now think, sitting here at work on the PC, of that warm satisfying toe curling feeling of early experiences with my cock in my hand.

I am still working on getting "really good" and perhaps that is a life-long quest. The ability to take myself away to that erotic and pleasurable place where my cock would be satisfied probably occurred in my teens.

I had friends who talked about setting records but I never looked at playing with myself as a contest. There was nothing competitive in my holding and pleasuring my cock. If there were any goals it was where and how often I could do it.

I have never been in the situation where I had privacy to do it as much and as long as I wanted. There have always been some limits. Someone or something, roommates, wives, jobs that have gotten in the way of my playing with myself as often as I want. I would like nothing better right this instant, than to take off my pants and begin to stroke on what is a very hard and feeling neglected cock. The fortunate aspect of this is that just getting a hard-on is very pleasurable to me.

From my first successful experience at masturbating, I immediately bonded with my cock and wanted to pleasure myself as often as possible. At first I probably would have said, "pleasuring my pecker" but now I know it is pleasuring myself.

The changes that have taken place in me over the years have been more of my appreciation of masturbation and a stronger enjoyment of the pleasure derived and most importantly the realization that I should not feel guilt over my love of stroking my cock. While some may argue that my masturbating may have had an impact on my sex life with my three wives I don't think so. My first wife was upset by my jerking off and my second wife encouraged our mutual enjoyment of pleasuring ourselves. With my third wife, the current incumbent, we sleep in separate rooms so I can enjoy the wonderful pleasure of solo lovemaking at will.

We have an active sex life together that includes mostly my orally pleasuring her. We don't have penetration of my cock into her pussy. We stopped that 6 or 7 years ago and she says she enjoys my bringing her to orgasm by sucking, kissing, tonguing and rubbing her pussy while caressing her ass and nipples. She then reciprocates by mouth or hand and brings me off. While this is a wonderfully intimate loving pleasurable experience I still get a great deal of enjoyment from the solo experience of loving myself almost daily I think I prefer the joint experience only because I enjoy watching and feeling the pleasure that she is going through as she cums to climax.

I started sleeping in the nude after the end of my first marriage when I was in my late 30's.

My utmost favorite way is to be totally naked in the warm sun in a semi-public place, e.g. a nude beach at a non-nudist/naturist area. The naturists disapprove of my stroking myself so I really enjoy places like Provincetown, where the people there don't disapprove of touching. In this environment I enjoy soaking up the sun and gently stroking and fondling myself. I can spend a lot of time just putting on sun block and rubbing, fondling my pecker. Can't be too careful with the sun's rays you know. Unfortunately living in New England I don't get the opportunity to do this as often as I like.

So, my next favorite way is any way that allows me to rub, stroke and caress my cock to cumming. The way I most often pleasure myself is to stroke my pecker with either my right or left hand. While I continue to experiment with different grips and touching my balls or ass, I most frequently just grab on to my cock and stroke away. I infrequently use lubricants although their occasional use increases the pleasure. I avoid using lubricants because I usually clean up by licking up my cum and enjoying its taste, which while ammonia smelling, is usually very sweet.

Not only do I feel good about pleasuring myself... NO GUILT. I also feel "gooooood" doing it. I have never timed myself, but I would guess that I probably spend from 30 to 45 minutes before bringing myself to climax. Some evenings I will have spent several hours fondling, rubbing, touching or flexing my thighs on my hard or semi-hard aroused cock before I am alone and can finally take my cock in hand and enjoy whatever time is necessary to cum to a climax. When my wife is away on business I will spend most of my waking time at home in a nude semi-aroused state.

When I can I will take the opportunity to prolong the wonderful experience which only heightens the intensity of the climax and the intense pleasure for me. Frequently I will, on the verge of cumming, stop for a few moments and then start stroking again and repeat this several times until I am either too excited to pause or feel I can not delay any longer.

I probably do it 5 or 6 times a week. I do admit that since I have been writing this biography I have had an increase in my joint and solo sexual activities. Having sex with my wife, being at work, being in a public place, sitting in traffic or just about anything that doesn't allow the necessary privacy, are about the only things that keep me from jacking off whenever I would like.

I fully expect to continue to satisfy myself by playing with my pecker as long as I can. I suppose that the aging process will bring changes just as the process of getting to age 59 has brought changes. I enjoy masturbation more now than I ever have so therefore I believe that as long as I can remember to pleasure myself I will continue to receive the gift of cumming at my own hand. I was watching Charles Dickens' Great Expectations on Masterpiece Theatre last night and people kept telling Pip that "he was brought up by hand". This made me think that I too was "brought up by hand" although not in the way the Inimitable imagined.

My only mutual masturbation was with my second wife which we did often. We started during a love-making session by my questioning about how she masturbated with a vibrator as she had previously told me she had done. She got her vibrator and started to demonstrate how she pleasured herself and asked me to help by rubbing her tits and nipples as she had both of her hands busy in her pussy and on her clit.

I was pressing and rubbing my pecker onto her side and finally started stroking myself after she came. Just as I was about to cum she grabbed my cock and finished me onto her stomach. She then asked me if I had ever tasted my cum and told me how much she enjoyed the taste and that we should share. She had me lick some off of the finger she had in her cunt and then off one of mine to compare the difference. We then kissed and hugged and I proceeded to go down on her to pleasure her cunt. But that is another type of tale. She and I enjoyed a number of variations of this a great deal

Attendance at a J/O party would appeal to me greatly. In my imagination I see it as a strictly male event with men of all ages and sizes either pleasuring themselves or pleasuring others as the mood struck them. I would like to be able to hold and stroke another man's cock so I can learn to bring him up to the point of cumming and then backing off and then to do it again and again. I would like to have another man stroke my cock and bring me off while I did nothing more than relax and concentrate my being on enjoying what I believe would be intense feelings.

I fantasize about jacking someone else off but have never done so. Someday in the near future I hope to have the pleasure of providing delight to another guy. I have no one in mind but perhaps through the web I will find the right person. I'd also love to have someone watch me as I make myself wild with masturbation pleasure.

I really enjoy facing the mirror and concentrating my eyes on the head of my cock. While doing so I not only have my mind focused on the exquisite feeling of my stroking my cock and the growing pleasurable intensity in my gut but have my eyes focused on the frontal view of the head of my pecker as it appears to be jumping in and out of my hand.

Here's how I would like to have someone masturbate me. First of all I would want to be lying totally naked on a blanket on a hot and sunny sparsely populated beach. I would want the person who is to pleasure me to be a man. I would want the others on the beach (men and woman) to be silently aware and excited by what he was doing for me. I dream of this being a session where I am pleasured and not expected to do any thing except to respond to the excitement that is brought to me.

We would begin by the man stroking the length of my cock while he applied sun block or moisturizer. He would then pay particular attention to rubbing the ridge under the cut helmet on the head of my enlarged cock and the sensitive skin under the bottom of the head. He would then turn his hand so that he was pulling on the skin shrouding my cock culminating each stroke with a twist of his hand around the now pronounced and reddened head of my cock. My masturbator would be able to sense my excitement and pause in his manipulation of my pecker just prior to my reaching the point of no return where I would climax. Throughout this session I would be able to look at my cock and see his hands loving me while I tried to anticipate his next moves. I would also be able to see the other people around me who were also engaged in mutual or solo genital pleasuring. Everyone would be sexually excited and either playing with themselves or with one another. This pleasuring of me through my cock would go on until I would or could no longer resist cumming at which time I would buck my ass off the blanket and cum all over myself. My masturbator would not stop milking me even though I might ask that he cease due to the extreme sensitivity of my now spent cock.

Masturbation played the most important role for me when I was able to really "cum out of the closet", so to speak, with my second wife. We were able to openly discuss my pleasuring myself and her pleasuring herself. From that we explored how we could bring the most pleasure to one another. This openness around masturbation not only swept away the guilt I had lived with but led to increased pleasure.

Rough calculations would probably be five or six times a week since I was eleven years old with a subtraction of the last five years of my drinking. E.g.: (5 or 6) X (52) X (59-11=48ñ5=43) = 11,180 to 13,416 times of incredible joy and self-satisfaction.

As one who truly enjoys playing with myself I have no regrets at all about the time spent enjoying the immense pleasure I have received from masturbation. How could one possibly have regrets over the time spent in receiving unconditional love from ones own self? My cock never disappointed me, turned me down, not shown up, had a headache, left me, or took my money and then wanted alimony. It is one of the most enjoyable endeavors one can engage in. Besides, who could know better what pleasures my cock than me?

I haven't kept score but I do not recall any sessions with either pleasing my pecker or in later years my pecker pleasuring me that were disappointing. Every session is wonderful. Some were perhaps more wonderful than the others. I simply enjoy jerking off too much and all sessions have been at least great.

Overall I am not sure of the role of masturbation in my life. I have been a frequent masturbator since I first felt the pleasure from solo sex. It has definitely been really important to me as I so enjoy the intensity and pleasure of my jack off sessions. What purpose has it served to this point? None other than to bring me great pleasure. I truly feel the wonder of my being able to bring myself to such levels of sheer pleasure keeps me on an even keel. My learning to and constantly trying to improve upon my masturbation skills has brought immense pleasure and for the most part has allowed me to do it whenever I desired to do so.

I was brought up Roman Catholic and in my early experiences I was guilty as I was taught that playing with myself "was wrong in the eyes of the church." I probably just accepted that I was a "sinner" and just lived for the moment because it just felt so incredibly good to jerk off. During my first marriage I occasionally worried that I was perhaps doing something wrong because I wanted to play with my cock so much even though we had sex on what seemed like a reasonable schedule to me.

I never felt that my masturbating was limiting my desire or ability to fuck my wife. (In my first marriage I did just that: "fuck my wife". I did not learn to make love to a woman until my second marriage.) I probably lost what little guilt I had when my second wife and I masturbated together and she taught me about pleasuring another person in addition to myself. I don't believe that my playing with myself led to what in retrospect appear to be sexual problems of my first marriage. Neither of us knew "we" had a problem. We just copulated, I came, she faked it and we said how great it was. Until I have become more aware of my body and how my cock responds to different stimuli and then developed more experience as a masturbator I used to enjoy the feeling of cumming in a pussy or a mouth more than by my hand. Today both ways are glorious. Just different. The main difference is that I know when to stop or keep going to provide the maximum pleasure and most heightened feelings in my dick where my wives and female partners have not known the fine nuances of completing a hand job or a blow job. No complaints though.

Sexuality does not define manliness. Manly in my definition is someone who is true to their word, fulfills their responsibilities and stands up for what they believe. All the other stuff is just bull.

One feature that I love about my cock is that it is always with me and has never failed to become aroused and reward me with either subtle or extreme pleasure when I wanted to make love to myself. I have always regarded my cock as a very special part of me and have treated it well. When I shower I always make sure that I pay particular attention to cleansing it and my balls. For this care I am rewarded with a very pleasurable hard-on that on some occasions I bring to climax while on others we just sort of relax together and I enjoy the subtle pleasures of a sensual self-massage on my pecker.

I never fail to enjoy looking at the smooth circumcised, helmeted head as it gets hard and as I stroke myself. Just looking at myself as I stroke the length of the shaft and watching the outer skin move over the veins and internal cock is wonderful. The head of this wonderful cock seems to glow or shine as we get nearer to cumming. There is a freckle on the head, which also grows in size and in color vibrancy as a climax gets closer.

I find the greatest stimulus to a wonderful J/O session and extremely enjoyable and intense cumming are the experiences and/or fantasies in my mind about past and or future masturbation or sexual sessions. A frequent stimulus is none other than just thinking about the stroking of my cock and focusing on the pleasurable feeling that my hand is bringing while gliding over the tight and hard pecker. I can sense the internal feeling or an impending climax so I can best judge when to taper off or cease in order to prolong and intensify the experience.


I think that my sexually fertile and horny mind brings myself to all sorts of fanciful settings where masturbation or sex is the center. I have already shared the fantasy I have of being masturbated on the beach by another man.

A similar recurring theme derives from my first experience on a nude beach. I was separating from my second wife and spent a day at a nudist camp without much joy. It was a family and couples place, which did nothing to help override my sense of loneliness. While I enjoyed being outdoors and naked it wasn't much of a turn-on. I spent a good portion of the day waxing my car and enjoying my unhindered cock swing about due to upper body movements.

During a thundershower I sat in the back of my car and beat off to a long, sweaty and very intensely memorable climax. (The best thing that day.) I then walked in the rain naked to the communal shower to clean off. While showering I was joined by a 60ish heavyset woman who asked if I would soap her back. I did so and while rubbing the soap on her back I surprisingly started to get hard looking at the movement of the soft rolls of dimpling fat on her hips and ass. She noticed my semi stiffy in the mirror, said, "shame-- shame" and bent over and gave me a kiss on the head of my pecker "to think about the next step". There never was a next step. She then left the shower room and I have never been back to that depressing place.

The next day I drove to Provincetown, MA, and went out to the nude beach there. Since it is at least a half-mile walk from where you park your car to the nude section of the beach, there are few people there. That day was wonderful. I was able to watch loving couples of all persuasions enjoy themselves by touching and fondling each other. At one point while I was enjoying rubbing in the sun block on my stiff pecker a naked older (like me) man stopped in front of me and looked approvingly at my endeavors. I smiled and turned away and he left.

My fantasy, that I have often replayed in my mind while pleasuring myself, is that I did not turn away and that he spread his blanket next to mine and sat down. After some non-relevant chit-chat I asked if he wanted sun block for his pecker and when he accepted I began to rub it in on his enlarging cock to his surprise and our pleasure. The afternoon was spent in very enjoyable covert mutual masturbation. The theme of this fantasy has been one that I have had many hours of pleasure with over the past eight years. I am sure I would not turn away again.

Since my computer is here at work I am not always able to take myself in hand and satisfy my desire for a j/o session. Rather than risk my employment over playing with myself in the office I decided to do myself at home. Last night after my wife went to bed I turned off the lights in our den and moved my chair so that I could look out at the street. (Anyone walking by would only be able to see me if they were to walk into my dooryard and look into the bay window.) I then stripped and reclined in the chair with only the outside ambient light. I had been thinking about this exciting session all evening and in anticipation, my semi hard cock almost sprung to attention as I stripped naked. I then stretched out and proceeded to stroke myself.

The first feelings were that of my hand moving over the smooth outer skin while it slid over my beautifully hard cock. I looked at my hand gliding up and down on my shaft and felt a warm yet sensitive pleasure in my cock. Very much like when my wife's soft lips lightly caress my dick when she is preparing to suck my cock. It was just that warm, pleasant, slightly erotic, anticipatory feeling that I would love to go on forever.

I stayed in this extremely satisfying mode for fifteen or twenty minutes (I wasn't looking at the clock). All the time I was dreaming of a warm sunlit beach where I was lying naked in the sun. I just kept this gentle stroking and thinking of how good it felt to be stroked.

I put my mind into my dick. In that way I could sense the wonderfully differing pressure created by my thumb and four fingers as my hand slid up the shaft to the neck and then a partial twist around the neck and ridge below the head. Finally gently rubbing just my thumb over the helmet to the tip of my cock. This stroking, twisting and rubbing action is slowly repeated and repeated. It was intense and warm and satisfying to continue this erotic stroking of my grateful cock.

After a while of this, I had begun to lightly perspire and my legs that were crossed at the ankles had also become moist where they were clasped together at the inner thighs. I could now start to sense the early stage of a climax that I wanted to delay if possible. I picked up the pace of my stroking and with my left hand I grasped my balls until I thought I was a couple of strokes away from cumming. (It is at this point where, even though I know it is better to delay as the pleasure is heightened and gets better, I sometimes just push through to cumming). I then stopped my stroking and just lay there relaxing and sensing the feeling of the cum that had entered my dick slip away.

Sometimes this feeling is intense and bordering on uncomfortable (like holding off from pissing) and other times, like last night, it was more of an early dry, subtle, short lived and mild orgasm. When this beautiful wondrous feeling had passed I began stoking again but with an increased pitch and excitement until I felt the orgasm building again. I again backed off. It was harder this time to stop as I really wanted to cum. When I started again I switched to my left hand and held it thumb and forefinger towards the base of my pecker so that the final rubbing on each stroke of my cock head was done by the palm of my hand. I managed to stop again but not before a slight dribble emitted from my super sensitive cock. I picked it off the head with my finger and sucked it clean.

This time when I started I began by rolling my cock between both hands for incredible joy until I knew I was going to bring myself to cumming, when I switched to my right hand and came. I finished with a rapid stroking which resulted in a most intense and pleasurable cumming. (Since my masturbation activity has increased over the past several days since I started on this masturbation biography I emitted very little cum.)

I kept stroking through the climax playing and flicking my finger over the tip of my hyper-sensitive cock head, which made my toes curl and my body to stiffen. Even though there was just a little cum I picked it off the shaft and head with my left hand and sucked the fingers clean while I continued to stroke with my right hand. My stroking slowed down as I continued to drain the last bit of cum from my satiated cock. I wanted to suck it directly out of my cock. I stayed in the chair just savoring the warm satisfying feelings while holding my cock and balls and replaying the session to engrave it in my mind until I started to get chilly from the sweat and the night air."